Monday, July 13, 2009

new week, new shop - The Cozy Farmhouse

I love Mondays because they bring along a new week, a fresh start. I decided to start each Monday with a brand new feature called "new week, new shop". Each week you'll be introduced to a up and coming Etsy shop (50 sales and under) and the fun owner behind the shop. Why not start your new week with a little treat for yourself from one of these up and coming shops? I promise you'll be tempted!

Up first is The Cozy Farmhouse! You may recognize one of her gorgeous flower pins from last week's "friday favorites". She gathers fabric flowers and dollies, along with some thread and tulle, and creates the most lovely hair accessories. Her self-described style is chic, feminine, and vintage-inspired.

The creator behind these hair pieces is Ann-Marie of Southern California. A quick glimpse at her inspiration bulletin board below will tell you a lot about her - her fondness for 1950's aqua, love for scrapbook paper, and affinity for travel. I know we would be best friends based simply on her love for Chipotle burritos. (Sidenote: How could Connecticut not have a Chipotle? It's a shame.)

I know her flower pieces are meant to be worn in your hair, but I think I like just seeing them on display! You would definitely want to leave yours out on your desk or dresser when not in use.

Still not sure if you need one of her pieces? Check out these product close ups and you'll be convinced.

For more of The Cozy Farmhouse, check out her shop and blog.


  1. Lovely pick! Beautiful presentation! I'll be back! :)

  2. Absolutely pretty hair pieces---romantic & feminine!

  3. Beautiful flowers and I like all the ways to display them.

  4. Love them. They look so great on display. And her studio is gorgeous, I want it.

  5. lovely work.
    I also choose people with about 50 or less sales on etsy for my "weekend favorite" love promoting wonderful artists who tip-toe through etsy.

  6. So exciting! Thank you a million times over :)