Thursday, July 16, 2009

lumberjack plaid.

I have been buying a lot of plaid lately. My boyfriend likes to call it lumberjack plaid. Whether or not it looks like I should be carrying an ax, I am a big fan.

I am smitten with this plaid dress I got last weekend for $16.99! I never would have thought I would like red and purple together (especially as a plaid!), but somehow it works. (Yes, it's pretty wrinkly right now, but let's be honest. I'll probably wear it with the wrinkles rather than get the iron out...)

Continuing on with the plaid, check out these plaid finds from Etsy. Settle in, there are quite a few of them!

from daniellebags
These memo pad holders would be perfect for shopping lists - small and compact, and won't get crumbled in your purse.

from refreshaccessories
This plaid pattern is probably my favorite, and I love that this bag was made from an old skirt.

from mamacateyes
Can't you see these envelopes holding little love notes tucked in a packed lunch or suitcase?

from Thrush
The brown makes this a little more subdued yet equally fantastic piece.

from ballandchain
I never knew silver plaid existed, but I like it! A lot.

from pommesfrites
I usually don't like purple, but for some reason it really works as a plaid. Sweet little magnets.

from calloohcallay
I wouldn't mind if it rained every day if I had this 1930's umbrella. I love the olive green.

from jessjamesjake
I don't sew, but this vintage fabric makes me wish I did!