Thursday, December 19, 2013

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Monday, August 2, 2010

new home!

Psst...I'm back from my longer than anticipated break and sharing at a new blog. Check it out here!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

affordable treats for world travelers.

I am in the middle of packing boxes and all of the other fun stuff associated with moving, but wanted to share some reasonably priced gifts for any friends or family who spend plenty of time traveling - whether for fun or work. Happy Holiday Shopping!

$5 and Under

$10 and Under

$20 and Under

Monday, November 16, 2009

where, oh where did i go?

You might be wondering where I have been. The short answer is, in bed. I was feeling good and everything was going great. Then I got a little bit of a sore throat that quickly turned into a full blown lay-in-bed-and-do-absolutely-nothing-for-a-week illness. I couldn't be more grateful to be back up and running!

Time for some more exciting news. I'm moving to SAN DIEGO!! I was born and raised in the Bay Area and went to college in San Diego. As much as I've enjoyed my short stay in Connecticut, I think I'll always be a California girl at heart and can't wait to be back. I'm looking forward to Sunday mornings at the farmer's market, picnics in Balboa Park, and plenty of Mexican food.

Before I got sick I put together a few more Holiday Mixed Paper Journals. I have been looking forward to adding them to the shop and was finally able to take some pictures today. If you are interested, you can pick one up right here. There are only a handful and these will be the last ones for the season!

Sadly this will be my last week in Connecticut. I'll be headed home early next week for Thanksgiving, and taking off from there to take on the move to San Diego. As a result I will be closing the shop on Friday, November 20. I am hoping to reopen before Christmas but much will depend on how smoothly the move goes. Cross your fingers for me! If you have your eye on something for a Christmas present, be sure to pick it up this week in case the shop doesn't reopen up in time!

Friday, November 6, 2009

friday favorites.

1. SaysYou; 2. KisforCalligraphy; 3. honeyteacup; 4. metalsmitten; 5. BrightWallVintage

On the list for this weekend:
  • Email some old friends.
  • Little more Christmas shopping (almost done!)
  • Sneak in another Starbucks holiday drink.
  • Finish a few more Christmas Mixed Paper journals.
  • Organize craft room a bit (ongoing struggle!)
  • Perhaps cheap Sunday night bowling.
What's on your schedule for the weekend? Good things, I hope!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

first hint of the season.

I recognize it is ridiculous to judge the seasons based on what drinks Starbucks is serving, but having my first Gingerbread Latte of the season did make it feel like Christmas is just around the corner. I am in no way recommending you overlook Thanksgiving and the remainder of Fall, but some parts of Christmas do require you to think advent calendars!

While advent calendars are mainly reserved for children, I see no problem still enjoying the fun of counting down to Christmas as an adult. My mom and I take the advent calendar one step further. We buy each other 24 itty bitty gifts, wrap them all up, and exchange piles on December 1. For the next 24 days leading up to Christmas we each open up one present. It may seem a little excessive, but it is actually pretty easy to come up with 24 little presents without breaking the bank (especially if you shop at thrift stores and flea markets year round) and the time spent opening a gift together each evening is really special.

If you are ready to bring back to joys of an advent calendar this year, here are a few good options out there on Etsy.

Aren't the dolls on each pouch the sweetest? I also love how the traditional red and green is mixed in with teals and oranges and yellows.

pilosale, $76
This one reminds me of my childhood. We had a wall hanging with a little stuffed bear who traveled throughout the printed house in search of Christmas. Each day he moved to a new room. Ours was very bright and colorful, but this natural version would fit in perfectly with minimalistic decor.

jodii, $58
I love the primary colors used in this one as well. You could easily continue to use some of the pouches throughout the year for storage and organization.

Wouldn't it be fun to hide one of these bags each morning and your kids search for it? I think it would be a wonderful way to start each morning, especially if there was a little treat tucked inside each one!

If you are the crafty type and want to make one of your own, there are plenty of handmade supplies on Etsy to get you started.

Classic tags made famous by Ali Edwards who used them in her December Daily journal. A definite favorite.

halffullmartini, $3.50
I am a big fan of the kraft brown background and the variety of shapes.

ormolu, $4.50
A great deep red, and you could use the little blank space on the bottom to jot down a small special note about that day.

maythird, $4.50
Simple, but in the best way. Perfect if the rest of your design is a little more complicated.

Disappointed by the empty Mixed Paper Journals section in my shop and inspired by the upcoming holiday, I put together some Christmas Mixed Paper Journals. I have two completed so far, with a few more coming soon.

The journal on the right has already been spoken for, but the one of the left is available right here.

Update: Both journals are now gone. Thank you for your support! I have a few more journals in the making. If you would like to reserve one, feel free to email me at

After all of that Christmas, I feel like I need to surround myself with pumpkins and apple cider to soak up everything that is lovely about November before it's gone!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

affordable treats for cooks and bakers.

For the month of November I'll be changing up the "affordable treats" feature a bit. Each week will focus on gift ideas for a certain person on your shopping list. This week is for the cooks, bakers, and anyone else who enjoys hanging out in the kitchen. I will admit that I'm not a superstar in the kitchen, but I'm slowly learning and still love that patchwork apron!

Be sure to share if there is a certain theme you would like to see in the next couple of weeks! Perhaps you always have a hard time coming up with gift ideas for your friend spends all of her free time traveling, or your cousin who constantly has her nose in a book. I'm up for the challenge!

$5 and Under

$10 and Under

$20 and Under

1. pinupbetty; 2. Brookish; 3. monicaejewelry; 4. disconsolator

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

shop update!

I spent much of yesterday taking product photos to ensure a packed shop for the next couple of weeks! A small glimpse of what has recently been added and coming in the next few days.

One of my favorites is a new paper pack - Children's Illustrations Paper Pack! I put together these paper packs after coming upon many vintage children's books with torn up covers, but lovely illustrations saved inside. The illustrations come from 15 different vintage children's books. A few of my favorites - Katie the Kitten (1949), Nurse Nancy (1952), and Butterball the Little Chick (1955).