Wednesday, July 15, 2009

mixed paper journals.

I mentioned yesterday I was working on some BINGO cover mixed journals. Two are finished and ready to be shared!

I always start by trimming lots and lots of paper - scrapbook paper, ledger paper, graph paper, blank paper, vintage dictionary pages, vintage children book pages... You get the idea. Then I gather lots and lots of bits and pieces - manilla tags, vintage flashcards, vintage playing cards, receipt forms, index cards... Again, you get the idea. Here is a little bit of what went into this round of mixed paper journals:

Rainbow of Scrapbook Paper

Plenty of Vintage
Paper to Be Writte
n On

Fun Extras

I then spread out all of the paper and make a big mess putting together 50+ and 100+ page piles. I ended up with enough paper for 6 journals this time:

Ready to to Mixed Paper Journals

The final step is to hole punch all of the pages, load all pages onto the binder rings, and add the BINGO card cover. I am still working on a few - it takes awhile to hole punch 50+ or 100+ pages per journal! I have a 50+ Page journal up in the shop now, and a 100+ Page journal to be added tomorrow.

100+ Page Mixed Paper Journal
Custom mixed paper journals also available! Interested in a certain color label, or different number of pages? Perhaps you only want scrapbook paper and blank sheets, or lined paper and vintage book pages? Email me at foundpaperco[at] and I'll put something special together just for you!


  1. Words cannot adequately express how much I positively LOVE these things. I am going to treat myself VERY soon. Maybe to more than one, even!

    Just thinking about them makes me VERY happy.

    ps) do you have any vintage French papers you could include?

  2. These are AWESOME. I am going over to heart one right now. My husband needs to get shopping. ;)

  3. These journals are so amazing!!! WOW =)

  4. I love these!! Very inspiring! Back to school supplies are my favorite too!!

  5. oh this is gorgeous! all the paper is lovely!