Tuesday, July 28, 2009

my favorites.

Let me start by explaining this post was inspired by a trip to Target last week where I spotted these in the candy isle:It's FaveREDS - only red (and pink) Starbursts! Starbursts are one of my favorite candies (kid candy, as my Mom calls it), but I only really like the red and pink ones. For our first Valentine's Day together, my boyfriend gave me a vase filled with only red and pink Starbursts. I can only imagine how many bags he had to dig through to fill it. If you feel like me, I would suggest you hunt down these special Starbursts right away- watermelon, cherry, fruit punch, and strawberry.

My excitement over the Starbursts reminded me how the smallest things can make your day. A few other favorites that make me incredibly happy:

1. red and pink Starbursts
2. being surprised
3. digging through the ads in the Sunday paper
4. this quilted pouch
5. Sunday morning farmer's market
6. making lists - to do lists, shopping lists, idea lists
7. Regina Spektor
8. jeans / t-shirt / sandals weather
9. this half graph / half lined composition book
10. little "no reason" gifts
11. Blistex Silk & Shine lip balm
12. blog: Vintage Rescue Squad
13. aqua blue and kelly green
14. emmapardos' etsy shop
15. collecting scraps of pretty and interesting paper
16. Balboa Park in San Diego
17. drinking from a mug rather than a glass
18. owls
19. vintage buttons
20. How I Met Your Mother
21. picking up friends and family at the airport
22. pretty packaging
23. lunch at Whole Foods
24. little notebooks for my purse
25. getting up early (especially if it doesn't involve an alarm)
26. vintage maps / globes / atlases
27. these green sneakers
28. morning walks
29. broccoli (yup, I'm serious.)
30. Baggu reusable bags (I have persimmon, but love the new stripes.)
31. flea markets / tag sales / thrift stores
32. graph paper
33. black and white photobooths
34. homemade vanilla milkshakes
35. back to school supply shopping, regardless if I'm in school
36. Airmail envelopes
37. old bottles turned vases
38. plaid, especially red plaid
39. Potato Shack in Encinitas, California
40. the perfect white tee
41. vintage sheet music
42. Tori Amos
43. color combo: gray, yellow, and orange (check back tomorrow!)
44. Seattle, Washington
45. red baker's twine
46. Izze sparkling juice, especially Blackberry
47. birthdays, even if it isn't mine
48. joettamaue's etsy shop
49. stripes
50. sending and receiving mail

I wish I could giveaway one of each on my favorites list. However, I just don't know how to package and mail the perfect weather. Instead I put together a group of my favorites I can mail to one lucky winner.

You will get to experience each of my bolded favorites:

>red and pink Starbursts
>Blistex Silk and Shine lip balm
>3 greeting cards, including one made by me!
>dozen vintage buttons
>little vintage notepad for your purse (with the best graph paper pages!)

To enter, simply leave a comment with one of your favorites - person, place, product, whatever! Entries will be accepted through Sunday, August 2 at 12noon. Winner will be announced on Monday, August 3.


  1. My favorites... definitely peanut m&m's! Love me some chocolate with a bit of crunch!

  2. A few of my favorites:
    1. White pottery (any shape/size/style)
    2. York Peppermint Patties
    3. Curling up with my cat on a rainy day
    4. I am loving the half graph/half lined comp. book-thanks for making me aware it is out there!

  3. Favorite actor: Tom Felton of Harry Potter fame!

  4. Some of my favorites:
    My dogs when they yawn and stretch,
    my journals, Bit of Honey candy,
    when I travel to see my mom and she cooks
    me goetta.

  5. Orange and yellow starbursts... do they make boxes of only those flavors?

  6. I think that you're my new favorite! The worst part is, I only like the red starbursts.

    Here's a good story for you (in case you don't mind!)

    Growing up I always hated halloween because I don't like chocolate and there were never any non-chocolate candies. One year I managed to trade all of my chocolate candies away for starbursts and smarties. I unwrapped them all and made a stash of red ones in my closet (i was probably 5 or 6 at the time). One day I go to pull a candy out, and they were all gone! Later that day my mom discovered a stash of starburst wrappers behind the china cabinet in the dining room. My sister (3 years old) had snuck into my room, ate all of my red starbursts, and had hidden the evidence. It was very sad. :( Still give her crap for it!

  7. Favorite date--A Picnic!!! A cute blanket, sunny skies, and your lovey by your side...can't beat that!!

  8. "Favorites" lists are my favorite :)
    And, my cat Josie is my fave right now... she is sprawled out on her back in a ray of sunshine reflected onto the floor... so cute!

  9. I want some Starbursts now! MMMMMM Haven't had those in so long. I am buying me some this week! haha. I like all except yellow.

  10. A few of my favorites:
    1. Mom's cherry pie
    2. Riding horses with Dad
    3. Vintage wedding photographs
    4. Vintage hankies
    5. Sleeping in my own bed
    6. Hanging out at home

  11. Guess what? My favorite Starbursts are orange and yellow. :) In fact, that goes for pretty much any candy/gummy creation.

  12. some of my favorites right now are Person: my oldest nephew- he is such a sweetheart and kindred spirit. He is 14 and we just sit and giggle together. I love it. Place: I would have to say my old home. I just moved last week so my new home doesn't feel like home yet but I'm hoping someday it will. Product: diet Pepsi. My name is Nola. I'm a Pepsiaholic.

  13. My favorites include reading blogs, coffee with vanilla soymilk, frosted flakes, driving with my sunroof open, diet dr. pepper, correct grammar...

    I could go on and on.

  14. what a great giveaway!
    a few of my favorites:
    1. making lists
    2. long showers
    3. peppermint tea
    4. whippets
    5. when my husband paints my toe nails

  15. this is seriously the most LOVELY idea ever!!

    and i think it's official: we're meant to be friends!
    simply because of #44 - SEATTLE! i want to move there, live there, be there all the time, lol ;)

    + i am really loving gray + yellow - i just designed something with those 2 colors! (well, not orange, it was turquoise... but still!)

    awesome giveaway!


  16. My favorite poet is Jane Kenyon and my favorite accessories are the rings buy from my travels :)

  17. Tori Amos too!
    I'm going to finally see her in September :o)

    Great giveaway!

  18. My favorites : >.<

    ; Rain
    ' Black cats
    ; My dog (and any other dog, actually ;D)
    ; Tea with lemon
    ; Spending time with my family, my gran, etc.
    ; Reading books
    ; Yellow
    ; Glitter

    and loads of other things ;]

  19. S'mores! I make them in the microwave on the off season to keep me happy. They are so delicious!

  20. I love your list.
    some favorites:
    fall weather - where you don't need a jacket - and yet its slightly cool.
    the smell of rain on a summer day.
    chocolate - all kinds.
    campfires with friends.
    crafting. anything. all day long.
    a clean house.
    the list could continue forever.

  21. my favorite flavor of toothpaste is wintergreen. it's so refreshing!

  22. yay! I love the red and pink starbursts! Love them!

  23. Some of my favorites include Southern literature (esp. Falnnery O'Connor), sour fruits (like sour patch kids, but fruit shapes), cupcakes, fresh vegetables from the farmer's market, a strong cup of coffee with a little sugar and 1/2 & 1/2, paper flowers, and when my cat crosses her paws.

  24. Oh man, how to choose! Let's go with my favorite rock star = Bruce Springsteen! Love him! If you looked in my purse right now (which would be kind of rude, I'm not gonna lie!) you would find a littly bitty Springsteen book full of stories and pictures of my guy. I keep it will me at all times. Yea, slightly obsessed!

  25. Gosh I love so many things!
    My puppy Jersey
    Crayons fresh out of the box
    Coloring Books
    Skate Shoes

  26. Some of my favorite things are: freshly sharpened pencils, the smell of paper when it comes out of the copy machine, cookbooks, and seltzer water with lemon or lime wedges in it.

  27. my favourite person. is myself. you gotta give yourself all the love in the world

  28. oooh reds only! I have got to get some of those for my husband. he always picks out the reds! :)


  29. My favorite thing lately is spending time with my parents and family! I also love all things red! I love the red pez the best too!