Wednesday, July 8, 2009

color swatch book.

I always find myself drawn to the same color combos, usually something that involves aqua. In order to broaden my horizons a bit, I put together this little color swatch book. The next time I'm gathering products for a blog feature or working on my scrapbook I can reach for this little book and have lots of different color combos to pick from.

It was easy to make and allowed me to use some of my favorite supplies - hang tags, paper scraps, and vintage buttons. Here is a quick step by step:

Step #1: Gather paper scraps and punch out 1" circles.

Step #2: Ink edges of circles using black ink.

Step #3: Play around with circles to come up with your
color combos. Glue three circles per tag.

Step #4: Sew vintage buttons to the center of some of the circles. For some tags I only used a button on the middle circle. For others I used buttons on the outer two circles, and even left some tags without buttons.

Step #5: Place all of your tags on a binder ring and you're done! I like using a binder ring because I can easily add new color combos that come to mind, or remove color combos that I'm sick of or have used quite a bit.

A few page
s from my color swatch book:


  1. Darling! What a lovely blog! I am so excited to find you, I will hop on over to your Etsy shop next! Amy :)

  2. What a great idea! I'm always trying to think up new color combinations for web sites. This would work great.

  3. Wonderful idea - thanks for sharing it!

  4. Great idea and great illustration pictures!