Friday, July 31, 2009

customer appreciation week - giveaway #5

I thought there would be no better way to wrap up the Customer Appreciation Week giveaways than with the first product ever added to the found paper co. shop: found paper pack - edition 1. It is filled with 25 pieces of new and vintage paper, including some of my personal favorites. Edition 1 is limited to 12 packs, and I'm down to a handful. If you're interested, get Edition 1 before it sells out and Edition 2 is introduced!

To enter, simply leave a comment. Any comment you want - fun weekend plans, a movie you recommend, favorite shops you want to share, etc. Anything that comes to mind!

Entries will be accepted through Sunday, August 2 at 12noon. Winner will be announced on Monday, August 3.


  1. I do have fun weekend plans! My brother is home in Minnesota from Alaska, so lots of family bonding this weekend. Hopefully that will include a ride on the pontoon, weather permitting!

    I hope I win the paper pack!

  2. What a great giveaway week! :) I would love to win this found paper pack!

    This weekend I am just hanging out with my boys and hoping to get a few new projects completed. Hope you have a nice weekend too!

  3. This is so wonderful! I love your paper packs :)

    I don't have any weekend plans except I might paint something in my house :)

  4. Weekend plans... spending some time with my sis, haven't seen her in months. Taking her to the boardwalk for some silly fun and greasy food. It will be delightful!

  5. I am excited for my weekend and will even get to kick things off early because my husband is taking a half day at work. Plans: see 'Funny People', go to dinner, play in the sun!

    Thanks for offering these fun giveaways this week! I'm already imagining what I would do with this pack if I won!

  6. Would love to be entered!

    I watched "No Reservations" last night at home. It was ok. Some cuteness, some predictability. :)

  7. I'm totally loving Flight of the Conchords right now (not a movie, I know, but ...)-- my husband and I plan to finish out the first season, and we're taking a date night on Saturday!
    One of my favorite things in the world is pretty papers and vintage ephemera, and I'm so thrilled I found your blog today, just in time to enter the contest! I arrived here via ohhellofriend, which is a gorgeous blog and etsy shop I highly recommend.

    Thanks for offering this lovely contest!

  8. What a great little pack, and there is a #2, yeah! Um... OK, my new fave is tea dye distressing ink on old newsprint or book pages. I can't get over the look it makes. Thanks for the great week!

  9. Oh, wow!!! I really, really want one of these!!!
    Plans for the this weekend?
    Absolutely nothing.
    The hubs and I are taking a break, turning off phones, laying in bed, and watching movies.
    Tired of the madness!!
    A recent movie that we watched that blew our minds was the documentary "The Bridge".

    Thanks so much for an awesome week of giveaways!

  10. I'm so glad to have found your shop and blog from the etsy forums! You have such beautiful things! I hope I win!

  11. I am really glad I found your shop on etsy and saw your blog. I love it.

  12. Hi Xenia! Another fabulous day, another fabulous giveaway! :) Such a great pack -- and a first edition to boot! :)

    So, I just watched this movie that was "recommended" to me on Netflix. It's called "Ira & Abby," starring and written by Jennifer Westfeldt. It's quirky and funny and sweet and a bit of a Woody Allen knock-off, but overall I really liked it. It's light and fun if you're in the mood for something that makes you smile... :)

  13. I'm going back to visit my college town this weekend! I'm really excited about it.

  14. I love this giveaway. I am house hunting this weekend! Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. OH I plan to relaaaaaaaaaax this weekend! It's a long weekend here and I don't have ANY plans - thank goodness :)

  16. Beautiful, beautiful giveaway and I really love the random comments hehe :)

    Unfortunately I have to study hard this weekend, exams are coming soon. Hope to find some time to relax a little bit at least!

  17. AH! Xenia. I might cry in excitement. This is one of my favorite things in your shop. Needless to say I'm buying one shortly anyway :)

    However as for weekend plans - we have a Beer commercial in Canada that shows a bunch of people going to a golf course after hours when the sprinklers are on and creating a giant slip and slide with plastic.

    We are doing this tonight on a friends family lot with a huge hill and lots of space. Needless to say it should be a great time!

    Then finishing my craft room, and some camera brooch making!

    Happy weekend Everyone!

  18. I'm going to goof off by going to see "Funny People." I laugh every time I hear the "what, is harry potter getting his phd in wizardry" line. Haha!

  19. I have fun plans for next week! I'm going to Italy. Can't wait! And at least, there will be nice weather (i hope) cuz here it rains all day! (and everyday in fact! )

    Sweet dreams everyone!

  20. oh my, i'm not going to italy this weekend (lucky captain!) but i am going to see "funny people" tonight with my boyfriend, and tomorrow we're planning a picnic to the state park!

  21. I'm so glad the internet exists so that I won't feel alone in my paper/school supplies/craft obsession! Cute little pack of paper!

  22. Looks like a package of yummy goodness! Thanks for sharing!

  23. ohhh i would love this pack of paper, so much potential!

    this weekend i am going to dive headfirst into all my homework and finish my degree in two weeks!!! except for taking a small trip to montreal at the start of next week....i'm calling it an inspiration getaway.

  24. It's a long weekend here in Canada but as I'm unemployed at the moment every weekend is becoming a long weekend. I'll probably just be unpacking from my current move into my new apartment and dreaming about how I can make it mine. I can't think of a movie to recommend at the moment but I can recommend that you DON'T see "Funny People" with Adam Sandler. My mom and I went to it and it was just the F word and crude talk about sex. It wasn't funny at all and no real storyline. We ended up walking out. Which is too bad because we could really have used a good movie. Can anyone recommend a good movie to me????? lol!

  25. If you like wine or France, you should watch "Bottle Shock"...I think it's an indie film, but Alan Rickman is in it at any rate. :)

    Re the previous commenter, it was a pretty clean film...I don't remember much/any swearing and there was just one almost-sex scene, but pretty tame considering some films these days :-P

  26. I'm spending this afternoon with my favorite people in the world. And I'm going to miss them very much after today because I probably won't be seeing them for a while. ;(

  27. This weekend is for sleeping and for catching up with old friends. Not at the same time!

  28. working! helping the bf move! then HOLIDAY MONDAY. oh yes. sleep time and AND hopefully get my etsy shop running!

  29. What a fun paper pack! Weekend plans included some crafting tonight. Made a fun felt/feedsack/button pin, you'll see it on my blog - check it out if you'd like! Have a great weekend!

  30. i LOVE LOVE LOVE paper packs! :)
    what a fun giveaway.

    this weekend I went to look at 2 letterpresses - I really really want one! ;)

    today i am selling my jewelry at a mini-market! I'm excited!

    hope your weekend is lovely!


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