Monday, July 13, 2009

flea market finds.

I was once again able to go to the flea market, making it two weekends in a row! I think I enjoy the drive to the flea market almost as much as the flea market itself. When I lived in California going to the flea market involved driving on a generic freeway and parking on a side street near an industrial park. Going to the flea market in Connecticut involves meandering through tree lined country roads and pulling into an old fashioned drive in movie theater. There is what the drive to the flea market looks like. (The iced coffee was for the drive to the flea market, and the Gatorade was to refuel after the flea market!)

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There is always lots to discover at the flea market, as long as you are willing to search and dig and then wash and clean. Here are a few of my favorites from this week.

I usually hit up the flea market with my partner in crime (otherwise known as my cooperative boyfriend). However, I was flying solo today so I decided to drive around and see what else was in the area. The estate sale I was looking for fell through, but I saw a sign for another flea market!

Excited for two flea markets in one day, I pulled into the lot, but it wasn't quite what I expected. #1 - The sign said it was indoor and outdoor. There was no one outside. (Those two cars in the background were at the restaurant in the back of the parking lot.) #2 - The indoor portion appeared to be in this large, scary warehouse (see below). Since I was there I gave it a try and peaked inside. It only took one peak for me to realize it was more of a death market than a flea market. It was a massive room piles of junk everywhere, but no people. Needless to say I did not enter to further investigate. I still have no idea what was going on, but wish I had snapped a picture inside for all of you to see. Creepy!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and enjoyed some flea marketing if that's your kind of thing!


  1. Woah! Connecticut Flea Market Massacre?
    Very creepy.

  2. Love the Edgeworth tin.
    Iced coffee is a staple for thrifting!

  3. A "death market"??? Hahaha. Nice. Reminds me of an antique mall I went to in Alton, IL once that had a basement. Metal stairs along the wall, huge space, old carnival toys, baby coffins and prosthetic limbs. Needless to say... I was all set with that. ;)