Thursday, July 2, 2009

affordable treats, no. 2.

Last week I put together care packages for some friends back in California. Since I was putting together several packages, I tried to keep each package under $10 and was surprised how easy it was to keep within this budget. If you take a little time to look around you can find some really unique, really awesome products are really reasonable prices. Another set of some afforable treats, many from Etsy and a few from other great online shops:

$5 and Under

1. maythird
2. mandicraft
3. blick art materials
4. EmmaDear

$10 and Under

1. cutiepiecompany
2. Love, Nadiya
3. michelemaule
4. savvystitcher

$20 and Under

1. cut + paste
2. brookemarton
3. minusOne
4. moxiesisters

P.S. - I own the aqua and white earrings in the last category and can attest that they are lovely in person. Definitely recommend!


  1. And... :: runs off to look at some shops ::

  2. I love those bobbies by Savvystitcher!
    These are my favorite kinds of posts, that show a bunch of treasures.

  3. How thoughtful of you to do this! Btw, I have a number of items in my shop that would make wonderful, affordable treats ~

  4. there's nothing i like better than finding wonderful little things to have with me during the day -- for five dollars. what a thrill! i love your shop foundpaper!!

  5. hello -- wonderful items -- I just bought an old print shop in Utica NY and am selling old paper + stuff very cheap. Let me know if you are interested and I'll send you more info. best of luck!

  6. great picks! many thanks for including my printed moleskine ;-)

    i love your style!

  7. you are incredibly talented at digging up wonderful things!