Monday, July 27, 2009

new week, new shop - akka design

Happy Monday! I am so excited to introduce you to akkadesign, the next shop in the "new week, new shop" series. Let's get straight to some pictures:

Love it? The creative force behind akka design is Laura, who was born in Northwestern Spain and currently lives in Dublin, Ireland. Her shop is chocked full of textile jewelry created from gorgeous fabrics, ribbons, and yarns. Laura describes her style as "vibrant, colorful, and fun." I think her style suits summer perfectly. For the time being, you will find mostly brooches and hair clips, but Laura assures me you will find a series of necklaces and bracelets coming soon. I can't wait.

After becoming fed up with having to drag out her sewing machine and set up her supplies each time she was in the mood to create, Laura carved out herself a little craft corner in her bedroom. Regardless of its size, it keeps all of her materials in one space and allows her to focus. Because she is dealing with limited space, Laura keeps her supplies tidy and organized - employing plenty of containers and keeping things color coordinated. Here is a glimpse into where her lovely pieces come to be.

I loved her response when I asked her to describe her workspace. She said, "As for the tidiness, I always say that I am tidier with my ideas than with my things." I was a little confused at first because her area looked pretty clean to me! However, she went on to explain she allows herself to take everything out and make a mess while she is in the middle of creating one of her pieces, but cleans up and puts it all way when complete. Good advice I should probably listen to!

Do you love Laura's work, but worried about high international shipping charges? No worries. Laura is offering FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING for a limited time. Don't miss out.

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  1. What a great feature!! Love that her crafting space isn't 100% neat, I don't feel so bad about my space then. LOL