Tuesday, June 16, 2009

still searching for summer, but found some lightning.

The timing of my summer post could not have been better. Yesterday evening I was sitting in my living room when it began to rain, really hard. I went out to my patio to take a quick look and heard the loudest thunder and lightning this California girl has ever heard. I am not afraid to admit I jumped a good foot and hurried back inside. Shortly after I started to hear sirens, but didn't think much of it until the sirens wouldn't stop. I went outside to investigate and realized...the lightening struck out apartment complex!!

Now I will admit our apartment complex is quite large, so it is not like my building was struck, but it wasn't too far either. Of course my curiosity got the best of me and I had to go take a closer look (with camera in hand). Apparently I wasn't the only one with this idea. There was quite the crowd!

This is what it looks like when lightning strikes your apartment complex:

Apparently this isn't all that uncommon. Another girl hanging around the scene said lightning struck her last apartment complex in North Carolina and that time was "way worse." Thankfully no one was hurt this time around, and a rainbow followed the lightning.

I will just say what I said yesterday. I am holding out faith that summer finds its way to Connecticut, and does it fast!


  1. I have presented you with a blog award!
    See it here http://appleblossomfl.blogspot.com/2009/06/clap-for-me.html

  2. Beautiful rainbow!! That's beautiful picture.. :D

  3. That used to happen to houses in my neighborhood in Denver all of the time when I was a kid. Good you're ok!