Tuesday, June 30, 2009

30 years.

On this 30th day of June, my dear parents are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary! Unfortunately I don't have any of their wedding pictures on my computer, but did find some pictures from my childhood. Since their wedded bliss led to my older brother and I, I figured I would share the childhood pictures I found. Hopefully they won't be too embarrassed or too mad!

Love you Mom and Dad!


  1. Hello my sweet daughter,
    Thank you for the anniversay wishes. Your Dad and I are having a great day visiting all of my favorite antique stores! I will let you know all about the treasures I found!

  2. Do you and your mom do the
    "I love you."
    "I love you more"
    "I love you the most."
    conversation when getting off the phone?
    When my mom busts out with "I love you INFINITY"
    I know I have lost.
    Very cute post!

  3. Hey there, Xenia!
    It's your Aunt Cherie from California sending congratulatory wishes on your new Found Paper Co. site. It's very well organized and has that "feel good" quality about it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. My, you have been busy!

    I LOVE the very special collage you put together of your Mom & Dad's big 30th Anniversary. A real milestone for them, and a loving tribute from their one and only daughter!

    Sending lots of love and best wishes for a very successful online career. You go, girl!
    XOXO Aunt Cherie