Thursday, August 20, 2009

recent finds.

With my mom in town, we have been spending a good amount of time rummaging through thrift stores, visiting antique shops, and walking through the flea market. I have acquired a pretty good size pile of new vintage finds from the past week or so.

Lovely aqua twine to wrap packages, and fun books and magazines, including an old medical dictionary.

Always love finding vintage flashcards. These are from the 1960's.

Three more globes to add to my collection! I am having a hard time picking out my favorite - either the bright blue and green guy in the back, or the medium sized one in the front.

Not surprisingly, all sorts of vintage paper. The California map is full of gorgeous pictures and colors, and the black cat is perfect for Halloween. Most of the paper will be in the shop in the upcoming weeks!

Have you found much lately at your vintage shops and outdoor markets? What's your favorite recent find?


  1. I love that small globe in the front! I can't wait to find one like that on my hunts (although admittedly not often or varied). I found a few cool things at the flea market this weekend to use for my shop, but my favorite would be a bracelet I got for $.50!

  2. oh, those are indeed charming finds!

    my favorite find at a thrift store so far has been a green metal tin box that i use to hold my business cards for craft shows. that and some letraset :)

  3. Great blog! I just found you through oh, hello friend. I love your photo at the top, of the aqua twine and books. Cute!