Thursday, August 27, 2009

new! new! and more new!

The shop was starting to look a little sad and lonely, so I spent a good chunk of yesterday taking photos, uploading photos, and editing photos. Lots of new vintage finds have already been added, with more to come today, tomorrow, and this weekend. Take a peak:

Vintage Folding Ruler
[I always love when I find vintage folding rulers. They're perfect to display your favorite vintage paper along with special photos.]

Vintage Tree Playing Cards
[These vintage playing cards are some of my favorites. They remind me of a photography background you may have found at a Sears Portrait Studio in the 1970's.]

Boy Scouts Book and Official Membership Card
[I love what's inside this old scouting book - an official membership card taped to the first page, tons of activities to earn badges, and a little writing from the original little boy owner!]

Vintage Game Pieces
[I collect these vintage game pieces until I have enough variety to put together several sets. I really love the different dominoes and Scrabble letter cubes.]

Vintage Game Paper Pack - Edition 2
[Includes some vintage favorites from the pack, as well as some vintage game pieces not previously available!]