Thursday, August 6, 2009

coming soon.

Sorry for the late post today! I took advantage of the sunny morning to take some pictures for the shop. My room is overflowing with so many lovely vintage finds, but I need pictures before I can share them with all of you. A few things ready to be added today and tomorrow:

Vintage Pick Up Sticks
[I love vintage toys, especially those that still have their original packaging.]

Vintage Price Tag Pack
[Red, white, and blue (and a little black!) price tags.]

Blue Plaid Vintage Cookbooks
[The plaid love continues...]

New and Vintage Paper Rounds
[So many projects using these paper rounds to share with you guys!]

Vintage Folding Ruler
[I absolutely adore the red stripe across the bottom.]


  1. ahhh - LOVE that ruler - i'm totally with you on the red stripe on the bottom!

  2. I LOVE the paper rounds!! Do you ship to Australia?

  3. once again, i just love all of your finds:)

  4. Wow, I absolutely LOVE your blog (and shop)!
    Keep it up!