Thursday, October 22, 2009

scrap pack challenge projects!

Do you remember the Scrap Pack Challenge? About two weeks I sent Scrap Packs to two readers. The only thing I asked in return was for each to play around with the paper and send me pictures of their projects. It's time to see what each of them made!

This first set of projects comes from Kellie of every jot & tittle. Her projects make me want to drag out my box of scraps right away.

Paper Leaves
> perfect for a garland or to fill a pretty bowl
> add a string and use as a gift tag

Pencil Wrapped Pencils
> sweet gift for coworkers (tied with a strip of pretty fabric)
> tutorial here

Mini Notecards with Envelopes
> write encouraging notes for your children and tuck in their lunch
> scribble a sweet message and leave around for your loved one to find

Leaf Bowl with Pendant
> necklace made with strips of paper and Mod Podge
> bowl tutorial here

Cupcake Flags
> attach cute little flags with toothpicks
> makes a sweet treat even sweeter

Paper Bow
> personal favorite!
> tutorial here

Paper Topped Jar Lid
> lovely way to give a little collection of fun things as a gift
> tutorial here

Pretty amazing, huh? Special thank you to Kellie for taking on the Scrap Pack Challenge! If you aren't already a major fan of her Etsy shop, check it out here and her blog here.

Check back tomorrow for more projects from April!

If you are inspired and want a Scrap Pack of your very own, look no further than right here!


  1. What a fabulous idea! You have me thinking of a similar experiment. . .

  2. Those leaves are so sweet! I'm trying to figure out why I didn't think to do cupcake flags!! Love that little paper bow too!!

  3. AHHH! I love them all! Especially the mini notecards w/envelopes @ the oak leaves! :) Such a phenomenal challenge, and what a talent Kellie is! Thanks so much for introducing me! :)

  4. So fun, great out of the box ideas :)

    I now feel the need to cover every pencil I own in pretty paper.

  5. Those are all so cool! I'm totally envious of the creativity.

  6. So inspired by these lovely creations!

  7. those photos are great and i love the use of your scrap pack :)