Tuesday, October 6, 2009

before and after.

metal flower frogs used to hold flower stems in place to create the perfect bouquet
After: can hold pens / pencils / paint brushes upright, and display your favorite bits of vintage paper

Before: wood hangers to hold clothing of all sorts
After: casual way to display your favorite piece of art without any causing any damage to the piece

Before: lonesome plate or tray that is the only one left in a set
After: used to organize your desk supplies, and put by your front door to catch your keys / pocket change / phone when you walk in

Before: industrial wood ruler to take measures and then fold up for convenience
After: show off your favorite pictures / postcards / greeting cards / flashcards by slipping them in the grooves

Before: suitcases that hold your possessions while traveling the world
After: with the help of added legs or wheels, side tables that also provide plenty of storage

Before: metal milk crate used to deliver farm fresh milk
After: wall mounted shelf to hold books, blankets, or collection of your choice

Before: random cups / mugs / glasses lining the shelves of thrift shops
After: charming holder for hand poured candles


  1. Great ideas! I love repurposing!

  2. This post is amazing! I love finding new uses for beautiful vintage treasures. The photo with the test tubes is my favorite.

    I have vintage flower frogs for sale at my shop Three Ponds Vintage (http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=32164535)

  3. gorgeous work. I particularly like the wooden ruler. Have never in my life come across one of those types before so think I am going to have to do some searching :)

  4. thanks for including us, glad you like our picnic plate organizers! super fun.

  5. Nice ideas - I love the old wooden ruler - I have one of those and will definately use it in a different way now. Thanks!

  6. included your vintage folding ruler in this post:


    p.s. my blog is new but hopefully it will grow.