Thursday, October 8, 2009

a helpful hand.

If you have ever wanted to search for your own vintage finds but didn't know where to look, here are a few resources that might be able to help you.

The Thrift Shoppper
Enter your city or zip code and this website will list all of the thrift shops in your area. It gives you the store's address, phone number, and hours. You can even read ratings for some shops, including scores based on selection / organizing / pricing / cleanliness. Definitely a great place to start if you are new to an area, or want to see if there are any stores worth checking out while you are traveling.

Yard Sale Treasure Map
I really like the concept behind this website. You enter your address and it maps out all of the yard sales within a certain distance from your home. You can specify what day are you are interested in (Thursday - Sunday), how far you are willing to travel, and what type of items you are interested in. Unfortunately not a lot came up when I searched near my house. Either the website still needs time to grow, or people just aren't having garage sales near me this weekend!

Garage Sales, Yard and Estate Sales by Map
This website is similar to the one above. I don't like the design as much, but it seems to have more sales loaded into its database, at least for my area. Worthwhile to check out if you want to spend a morning hitting some garage sales in your neighborhood.

I know I highlighted repurposed vintage ideas a couple of posts ago, but had to include one more. Have you seen this from Ready Made yet? It's a vintage suitcase turned rolling bar! Impressive. You could easily adapt the idea to make a small bookcase or display shelves. You can find instructions here if you are up to the challenge!

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