Tuesday, September 15, 2009

thank you!

I really adore shopping on Etsy because there is a good chance your order will arrive in a lovely package with a little extra something thrown in. I never expect anything extra and certainly don't think all sellers need to include anything more than what the customer ordered. However, it's hard to deny the excitement over finding an extra postcard or such tucked in your package. It almost reminds me of a little "random act of kindness".

I wanted to return the favor with my customers so I took an hour or so and put together some mini paper packs to include with orders. Each has a handful of vintage papers along with a flashcard and savers stamp. I wrap my orders with kraft tissue paper and red baker's twine, so the yellow and orange mixes in nicely.

I have already used a couple, and look forward to surprising future customers with all of the rest!


  1. So lovely!
    Must. Order. Again. Soon.

  2. See, I love to toss a little something extra in when I ship something, too, because it's so nice when you receive them. Very cool.