Monday, September 14, 2009

new week, new shop - Floridity

Welcome to another week! If you're having a slow morning, perhaps the jewelery of Floridity will wake you up a little.

Floridity is next up in the new week, new shop series. It is a sweet little jewelry shop full of one of a kind polymer clay pieces. Barbara, the artist behind the shop, describes her jewelry as organic, romantic, and sincere. Take a peak at a sample of her work, and you will quickly realize she has mastered one skill in particular - successfully blending lacy, feminine designs with chunky, substantial beads.

Barbara began making jewelry in high school after being introduced via an art class. In college she majored in painting, and later brought these two talents together through her polymer clay beads. Each piece is hand stamped, distressed with paint, and sanded to produce a pre-loved look. Each necklace is finished with a mix of new and vintage findings and beads, and comes with an affordable price tag. Most necklaces range from $20 - 40 each.

Barbara calls Western North Carolina home in the summer, and Cocoa Beach, Florida during the rest of the year. While in North Carolina she lives in an apartment built inside a steel barn. Her workspace is inside the barn itself, and includes a gigantic table measuring 6'x10'(!). While in Florida she doesn't have the luxury of so much space. She carves out a work area in her kitchen and shares an office with her partner Mike.

If you are a fan of Barbara's style but make your own jewelry, you are in luck. In addition to finished pieces, Barbara also offers her handmade beads on their own. Most beads range from $5 - 10 each.

To learn more about Floridity and purchase a piece, check out:


  1. I love the beauties in her shop and am the lucky winner of one of her gorgeous necklaces! Get comments on it every single time I wear it...
    thanks for featuring her shop!

  2. awesome! i <3 floridity :D

  3. Cool stuff you have got and you keep update all of us.