Monday, September 7, 2009

new week, new shop - PonderandStitch.

I am really, really excited about this week's up and coming shop - PonderandStitch. PonderandStitch is full of textile jewelry, little bags, and the occasional piece of clothing. It has easily become one of my new favorite shops. Everything is made with fabric and buttons, mostly of the vintage variety. I love how Amy, the face behind the shop, described her vintage materials - "pieces that had a life before they came into my possession."

Amy is someone you would want to have as a friend - creative, crafty, and oh so nice. She is a self-taught sewer, plays acoustic guitar, and has a collection of the most lovely vintage things. I don't know what I would ask her for first - to teach me to sew or take me thrift store shopping with her!

Amy taught herself to sew a little over a year ago, using books and a lot of trial and error. All of her work is done in her sewing room that always has a stack or two of books and fabric laying around. In the background you will hear a stream of acoustic music coming from Pandora, likely a little Simon and Garfunkel and Jackson Browne.

Without question, my favorite item in her shop is her Postcard Sentiment Cuffs. The idea behind these bracelets is pure genius. Amy scours her vintage postcard collection, many from the early 1900's, for special greetings sent long, long ago. She then hand embroiders the sentiment on the cuff, along with a postmark with the actual date the postcard was mailed! You even get the actual vintage postcard when you purchase one of these bracelets. Love it!!

She is currently sold out of the Postcard Sentiment Cuffs (no surprise!), but seems pretty open to custom orders. If you ask nice enough, I think she might make one just for you.

If you like the natural, vintage, girly style of PonderandStitch you can see more here:


Don't forget to leave Amy a quick comment if you like her work. It only takes a minute and is sure to make her day! Sounds like a good use of your time to me!

P.S. - Amy is running a "Weekend Deals" sale that ends today, September 7. Just enter "weekend deals" in the Notes to Seller during your purchase and you will receive 15% off via a Paypal refund. Everyone loves a sale!


  1. Thank you so very much for the wonderful feature!! Really, the way you put things together is so beautiful. I'm honored you chose me!

    *off to make some new postcard cuffs!*

  2. I was just browsing PonderandStitch earlier this weekend! I LOVE Amy's shop! Especially those cuff bracelets! She picks great fabrics and I love the soft, feminine feel to her shop!

  3. What a lovely feature!!! Love the postcard cuffs!

  4. I've been a blog follower/etsy follower of Amy for a little while now, and love her creations! Great post on her shop! And love yours as well... off to hit the "follow" button.. :)
    Kat @ SassmowthDesigns

  5. Wonderful feature! Ponder and Stitch is awesome!

  6. Great article and yes, her shop is awesome!

  7. i love ponderandstitch to bits! love the fresh workspace!!

    can't believe she loves jackson browne, he's one of my all times-AS well as simon and garfunkel of course!


  8. OH MY GOSH!!!! So cute! I love the stitched type and the different floral patterns... Thanks for sharing!

  9. This is beautiful!! Great pictures.. I love your work!!!

  10. Oh I love her!! She is super sweet too :) And of course, her shop is gorgeous! Glad to see she got a feature here! P.S. I just found this blog here and am also off to hit the 'follow' button :)