Monday, November 16, 2009

where, oh where did i go?

You might be wondering where I have been. The short answer is, in bed. I was feeling good and everything was going great. Then I got a little bit of a sore throat that quickly turned into a full blown lay-in-bed-and-do-absolutely-nothing-for-a-week illness. I couldn't be more grateful to be back up and running!

Time for some more exciting news. I'm moving to SAN DIEGO!! I was born and raised in the Bay Area and went to college in San Diego. As much as I've enjoyed my short stay in Connecticut, I think I'll always be a California girl at heart and can't wait to be back. I'm looking forward to Sunday mornings at the farmer's market, picnics in Balboa Park, and plenty of Mexican food.

Before I got sick I put together a few more Holiday Mixed Paper Journals. I have been looking forward to adding them to the shop and was finally able to take some pictures today. If you are interested, you can pick one up right here. There are only a handful and these will be the last ones for the season!

Sadly this will be my last week in Connecticut. I'll be headed home early next week for Thanksgiving, and taking off from there to take on the move to San Diego. As a result I will be closing the shop on Friday, November 20. I am hoping to reopen before Christmas but much will depend on how smoothly the move goes. Cross your fingers for me! If you have your eye on something for a Christmas present, be sure to pick it up this week in case the shop doesn't reopen up in time!


  1. Aww I'm glad to hear you're doing better! I ended up with H1N1 so I just finally got back up to real life - It's hitting everyone.

    Also CONGRATS on the move. I hope it goes off without a hitch and that you settle in quickly :)

    xo Kyla.

  2. oooh. Good Luck! I hope this is a wonderful move for you. I hear wonderful things about San Diego and I can't stress enough how wonderful a lovely year round climate is. Take Care!

  3. Hey sweetie!
    Unc' Alex & I are soooooooo excited to have you back on the West Coast soon! YAY!! Glad you're feeling better, just in time for your big move!
    Happy T-Day! Talk to you soon. xoxo

  4. Glad your better..your journals look really cool :)

  5. sounds like you are headed for an exciting adventure. Glad you are feeling better and are looking forward to the West coast!

  6. Good luck with the move. Nothing like going "home." And I'm glad you are well enough to go. Be safe!

  7. glad you are better, i totally know all about those week-long sicknesses!

    wow, san diego!!! we will be so close to eachother! we'll have to meet up sometime :)

    hope your move goes well!

    xo. danni

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