Friday, November 6, 2009

friday favorites.

1. SaysYou; 2. KisforCalligraphy; 3. honeyteacup; 4. metalsmitten; 5. BrightWallVintage

On the list for this weekend:
  • Email some old friends.
  • Little more Christmas shopping (almost done!)
  • Sneak in another Starbucks holiday drink.
  • Finish a few more Christmas Mixed Paper journals.
  • Organize craft room a bit (ongoing struggle!)
  • Perhaps cheap Sunday night bowling.
What's on your schedule for the weekend? Good things, I hope!


  1. love the layout! what program did you use? thanks!


  2. Awesome!! Just gorgeous - you are roking the digi stamps, and of course the crafty secrets. your job sound really great! I can see a lot of love goes into each and everyone. Thanks for sharing.


  3. hello friend! hooray! you are goin' back to Cali! and you are back in Cali! (I know I am a little belated with this comment!) Hope you had a fabulous West Coast holiday season! Thank you oodles for featuring my hello seals here! Happy New Year to my lovely package partner! xo, Katy